Monday, October 12, 2009

Noah's Three Course Meal

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Noah finally got out and about today the first time since Wednesday that he's left the house. We headed to therapy, but when we got there our therapist said she thought she might be coming down with something and gave us the option of just skipping this week, so that's what we decided to do. I'm so very glad she was thinking of Noah and not wanting to take any chances with him just in case. They are such a great group of people that are so loving and kind. So

Noah was still in a good mood from skipping therapy so we stopped by his uncle's work to say a quick hello. Noah's uncle has one of those smiles that instantly warms up a room, and Noah just smiled and talked to him. I think honestly if Noah could talk he would have said just leave me here and come back for me at the end of the day. I think the two of them will be best friends when Noah gets older and will be playing with cars and auto parts.

We got a call today from a place called Option one. When they called they said they wanted my address for services for Noah, and I had no idea who they were or what they were talking about. They got defensive and asked who I was, and I said I was the mother and and needed to know the nature of the call before I was going to give out my address. They said they were the nutritionist people who would be delivering the duocal. They could use a little better people skills when they are making calls. He read me something you could tell was a general speech about medical confidentiality, said I'd need to sign paperwork when it came, and didn't explain why. One more thing I'll have to read when it comes in the mail.

Honestly with as much as Noah is eating I'm not concerned about his weight. Just because he doesn't fall within a high percentile on a chart doesn't mean that he's not trucking right along and is healthy for his particular body. Noah ate a good sized bowl of squished avocados, a jar of pears and probably a good teaspoon of pumpkin pie for dinner. He eats and drinks like a trooper all day long. I was a lean baby, from pictures I'm thinking his daddy wasn't a chunky monkey either. And on the news tonight I heard they denied a 4 month old health care coverage because he's 17 pounds and deemed obese. That is just crazy on so many levels. Our healthcare system is out of control. It's so silly to put all these categories on these babies based on some percentile chart. I would worry if Noah was losing weight or not gaining weight at all, but he keeps going up just a little at a time.

I was also able to treat myself to one last Starbucks from a gift card that I've been nursing along for sometime. I wanted to use it before the sweet barista that I've become friends with at Starbucks left on maternity to have her first baby. We met over a conversation about Noah. And she hasn't forgotten us every time we go in. Her name is Eva, and she's naming her little boy Sirus. I was always careful talking to her about what happened at Noah's birth not being the norm, and that it's like getting hit by lightening. I always hated when I was expecting all the people telling me horror stories and all the bad things that could go wrong. It's not at all helpful. I will miss my occasional Starbucks and seeing Eva, but maybe after her baby is born I can see her in the new year.

I just absolutely love all the people I meet along my days. I collect thoughts of them in my pocket and pull them out when I'm having a down moment. It's been a blessing all of these people God sends me to meet along my road. They are teachers and guides, all helping point me in the right direction so that I can properly travel.

Stacy, Chris & Noah