Monday, October 19, 2009

Noah's Kid Cart

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Noah has loved the sunshine the last couple of days. We took him to the grocery store with us in an attempt to try out the grocery cart seat insert with harness that we purchased for him. It wasn't even remotely close to helping him sit in a grocery cart. I'm not sure it would even be safe for a child without special needs. Great concept, but needs a lot of work. There's nothing that I could even do with it to make it better, so it will be getting returned for a refund.

Noah was measured for a kid cart today at therapy. We had to chose between something called a Special Tomato and a kid cart. The kid cart is more expensive ranging from $3500-4000, and the Special Tomato runs around $800. Medicaid will only pay for one item so we chose the kid cart. I really love the Special Tomato from pictures, and I still hope I can find a way eventually to get it for him. The kid cart is a stroller like device that also has removable seating for positioning indoors. It will be custom made for Noah and will take about 3 months to get ordered and approved through Medicaid. We picked out navy with silver trim for him, since I know he'd be very upset with me if I had chosen either pink or purple. In pictures it looks really nice, but it does look "special" meaning I'm sure that most will recognize it's not your run of the mill stroller. I have people ask me about his thumb splints when he wears them out in public, and I'm sure they may very well ask me more questions about him when they see his new ride. Honestly it doesn't bother me, I'd rather have someone ask me about him than wonder. I don't mind talking about Noah, clearly, or Caringbridge wouldn't exist for him. I want to tell people in fact where we started from and where we are now. Noah is hope. Noah is a miracle.

Yet I do wonder how some family and friends might perceive Noah as his differences grow more apparent as he grows older. Will they be embarrassed of him? Will they stand proud? And does it matter either way? There are moments that define all of us, our moments of truth. I hope that people seek to understand, to take the road less traveled, to find compassion and love. Not just for Noah, but for all that are different. They are no less valuable, their souls and hearts no less precious.

Stacy, Chris & Noah