Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Noah's Snow Day

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Noah had his very first lolly-pop in occupational therapy on Monday. His therapist Julie has to be the person of the week for Noah for sure! She tried to show me how to put weight bearing on Noah's arms, how to massage and work out some of the tension that he has. Noah has tremendous difficulties with his hands and arms. His arms are simply so stiff that he cannot get things to his mouth. I've tried to motivate him by putting squished pumpkin pie on his high-chair table, but he gets so frustrated because he can't do it. Noah understands it needs to make it to his mouth, his brain just is having trouble telling him how to navigate it even remotely close to eat it. He squeals with frustration and I feel terrible that it is so difficult for him.

Julie also told us his Medicaid approval went through for more occupational therapy, and that they even approved a few home visits, which will be great to give Chris an opportunity to participate in therapy without missing work and for Julie to see the set up that we currently have for Noah to see if we can make any improvements that would further help him.

Noah had a snow day today. His therapy was cancelled for the morning due to weather. I had a conversation with Noah and told him he would see his Miss Beth next week and he started to pucker. Poor thing I think he actually understood there was no swinging today. Noah's currently in a semi-frustrated mood anyway. I think he just wants to move so badly that he doesn't know what to do with himself, part of it could be teething and then just general fussiness.

Noah got to see his daddy early today because his work closed down early due to the snow. So we bundled him up in his first snow suit and took him outside. He really isn't a fan of falling snow. He was annoyed to say the least at the flakes landing anywhere near or on his face. He might enjoy the snow more after it quits falling, or he might just not be a snow bunny. He loved watching his daddy shovel, and our sweet neighbor helped snow blow our driveways. They are so very kind, and I'm so thankful to have them as neighbors. I hope that I can teach Noah the importance of acts of kindness for others.
As I watched the snowflakes dance around us, I felt like we were inside a magical snow globe, for a moment everything stood still, the sounds so silent, the breeze quieting even the loudest of birds. For a moment my mind was calm and I felt nothing but Noah's soft breath against my neck, the sound of him gently whimpering as the flakes hit his tender skin. Peace and stillness in the cold. He looked at me with such sweetness with that small little smile, the white of the snow making his eyes even more crystal blue than before. It was a moment of pure love.

You can view more of Noah's Snow Day pictures below.
Stacy, Chris & Noah