Monday, October 12, 2009

Noah's Pumpkin Pie

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Noah had a cozy weekend all bundled. He loves to snuggle with a fuzzy blanket when when the weather is chilly outside. He even gets this cute little hibernation snore during naps. I think Noah may be suffering from cabin fever already. He misses going out in the backyard to watch the neighbor's tree blow in the wind, or watching his dogs run races around the yard.

We tried to keep Noah busy by letting him watch our various home improvement projects. We have grown to call our home the money pit, as daily something is breaking, leaking, flooding... all things that are very damaging if left ignored and unattended.

Noah got to watch his daddy fix a toilet, and work on plumbing that has been leaking and flooding our basement periodically. He watches intently as his dad describes everything he's working on. Noah isn't particularly a fan of the shop vac, I think the noise is a little overwhelming for him. He jumps then keeps flinching his eyes until it's shut off. And when Noah got bored of that we let the facet run, because he finds running water entertaining. Yes I know it's not very "green" of us to let water just run, but when you have a baby that you can't calm any other way, you just apologize to the earth and turn on the facet. It could be a very long winter unless Noah finds watching snowflakes fascinating.

We also tried a new baby food that was a pasta puree, I had put that flavor off for a while because it had organic onions and garlic in it, and figured well his daddy won't eat onions maybe neither with Noah... and sure enough Noah spit it out and gave me that face like try it again and my lips are sealed. So I whipped out some pears and he was a happy little camper. Noah also got some more pumpkin pie for desert, minus the crust. I'm not surprised really that he enjoys pumpkin pie so very much since I wanted to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the last two months of my pregnancy. Chris and I joke all the time that Noah is made up of 80 percent butter, 20 percent pumpkin pie and a big sprinkle of love and that's why we sprouted such a big baby.

And with the changing of the seasons I somehow realized that Noah's clothes are mostly short sleeves. The season just crept up too fast on us. So I need to work on building Noah's winter wardrobe. And just about the time I get him into winter gear, he'll get longer and require another size entirely. We're trying to work on getting Noah some Robeez booties for winter. If they were more affordable shoes I'd pick one of each style they are that cute. Hopefully the sun will come out in the next few days and Noah can feel a gentle breeze and watch what leaves are left on the trees. I'm sure it would make his day!

Stacy, Chris & Noah